Payroll Services for Your Small Business

PayWorks offers the right payroll services for small business owners nationwide.Our payroll services allow you to take advantage of our experience and expertise so you can concentrate your time and attention on your business.


Employee or Independent Contractor

Hiring an independent contractor rather than an employee can be a much more attractive option, however care must be taken in determining whether the individual actually qualifies as an independent contractor. Getting it wrong exposes your company to significant liability and a range of complex issues that are not easily remedied. Learn how to make the right classification.

Surprised by the special charges on your invoice?

With PayWorks, you'll never be surprised with additional or hidden charges. Your payroll invoice reflects exactly what you expect at a value that can't be beat.

Whether you need basic payroll or a full HR management system, PayWorks has the right solution for you.  And we support you with one-to-one customer service – not an impersonal call center.

All of our solutions include:

  • Choice of tax filing services so you can choose to have us manage all the deposits and filings, or do it yourself with printed deposit checks and prepared tax returns.
  • Pre-process reporting that allows you to verify the results for the pay period before final processing, ensuring that your payroll is completely accurate on delivery.  
  •  Essential management reports when you need them, including labor distribution, general ledger, workers’ comp, job costing, certified payroll, tip reporting, benefits and other voluntary deductions. 



Affordable solutions that make sense for the small business owner. We offer cost effective options with no surprise pricing or hidden charges. You’ll never pay for more services than you need.

Reliable products and services that are easy to use and always correct. Avoid the hassles and stress of payroll errors that frustrate you and your employees. Prevent tax deposit and reporting lapses that result in penalties and fines. We guarantee the accuracy of all payroll calculations and tax reports.

Complete solution packages that deliver everything necessary to pay your employees and handle your employment tax obligations. From basic payroll and tax preparation to robust HR management systems, you get exactly what you need.

Choose from a full range of options – submission via phone, fax or online, paperless or hard copy report delivery, and full tax deposit and filing services or tax checks and prepared reports to file yourself.