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About Payworks

At PayWorks®  we have a very simple philosophy – provide reliable payroll services through great customer service to small businesses.  Services that help small business owners and managers fulfill their employer responsibilities easily and confidently so they can concentrate on growing their business.

Most of our family, friends and neighbors are small business owners so we know firsthand the challenges they face.  They have a passion and talent for something and want to make that their life’s work, but never expected to make a career of managing the intricacies of payroll, taxes and employment responsibilities. We started PayWorks to help them manage that aspect of their business.  Because it’s not just as simple as writing the same paychecks week to week.  

There are thousands of federal and state rules and regulations that apply to even the smallest company. But while the large companies can afford in-house payroll professionals and expert staff, the small business owner really can’t. These professionals spend countless hours reviewing the regulations, keeping up with changing requirements and participating in training and seminars offered by industry associations.  Can small business owners take the time to do that and still run their business?  If there are any who can, or even want to, we haven’t met them yet. It’s just not a valuable use of their time, adding nothing to the bottom line.

But on the flip side, any mistakes can cost you money.

The IRS estimates that 40% of small businesses are fined an average of $845 per year – and that doesn’t include fines levied by state tax agencies.

At PayWorks  we’ll use our decades of experience to be your advocate, helping you navigate through the complexity of Federal, state and local tax rules and regulations. We’re your on-demand payroll professional.


There are many large multi-national payroll processing companies out there vying for your business.  For many years, we were employed by some of the biggest and best known names in the payroll industry. We worked in their so-called “small business” divisions.  Their business models are based on the volume principle – sell as many accounts as possible, process their checks, but spend as little time as possible in servicing them. And never – never – go beyond exactly what’s spelled out in the service agreement.

One watershed moment was when we had a client with a significant problem who we thought was due a goodwill credit to their invoice.  When we brought it to the attention of the executive in charge, the first question asked was “How much do they bill per year?” And our reply was “What difference does it make?” We were either in the business of serving small businesses or not.  Our clients’ billing was never going to rival that of their large clients, so did that mean they got no consideration?  The prevailing theory was that if a small business client left, there were plenty more small businesses out there that could replace them.

At PayWorks we only work with small businesses, and each and every one is important to us.

We never take our opportunity to serve you for granted.  We’ll always help you work through any employment related issue you have, until you feel comfortable with the resolution. We pledge to work hard each and every day to gain and keep your trust.